St Helens is an Aged Care Hostel that was constructed in the early 1990s.

Our brief at St Helens was to:

By lifting the roof and rationalising the planning we were able to open up the building, flood it with natural light and create clear lines of sight through the building with only a minimal increase in building footprint.

The entry provides a ‘wow factor’ but also has become the centre of community life at St Helens. 

A close working relationship with the client was critical to undertaking this work while the facility was operational.  Tailoring our solution to their specific needs and timing was imperative, not just in the planning but also throughout the construction phase.

We have achieved all the requirements of the brief and with careful attention to detail, we have done so with high quality finishes which will stand up to the rigorous demands of aged care and both now and into the future.

St Helens Aged Care Facility, Rooty Hill

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